Saturday, 13 July 2013

F&B Job Specification (Runners)

Now, lets continue to our next job available in the department, the Runners! :)

Let us take a look at some duties that these runners have to deal with when they are on the heat...
  1. Carry food, silverware, or linen on trays or use carts to carry trays.
  2. Place food servings on plates or trays according to orders or instructions.
  3. Clean or sterilize dishes, kitchen utensils, equipment, or facilities.
  4. Examine trays to ensure that they contain required items.
  5. Load trays with accessories such as eating utensils, napkins or condiments.
  6. Handling and moving objects.
  7. Monitor processes, materials or surroundings.

Their role in the department is not just depending on the ones stated above, they also shuttle orders from the kitchen to a staging area or a station near the table that is about to be served. These runners will then come over to serve or the very least is to help waiters serve the table. In a well-run or an organized establishment, each customers should receive their entrees at exactly the same time. To make this happen, runners will be positioned beside the tables and will serve two persons who sit opposite or next to each other.

In some cases, runners are the ones who actually brings the food being served to the table, not the waiters or waitresses and the best part of being runners is the tips that they will get when they serve customers (usually happens in american countries). The pay for runners are not that convincing (which makes people reject the job) but the tips that they get are usually in a very surprising amount.

Well that's it for Runners, we'll continue with Host & Hostess in the next post! Yaaayyy!!! :) So if any one of our charming and gorgeous readers have questions running in your mind, do POST A COMMENT below for us to answer your confused thoughts.

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14 July 2013 at 00:36

do u mean those guys givin our food are runners even if they are the same person?

14 July 2013 at 11:08

Are you talking about waiters in small restaurants that takes your orders and delivers dishes to your table? There's a difference between waiters and runners. WAITERS are the ones who takes orders, sends them to the kitchen and also delivers dishes to the table but RUNNERS only delivers dishes to the table and usually high-end restaurants are the only ones that uses runners in the premises...

Is this info clear? HEEE~ :)


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