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F&B Job Specification (Host & Hostess)


A restaurant host or hostess is an individual who greets customers as they arrive at the facility and often is the last to say goodbye to them as they leave. The hostess job description for a restaurant hostess includes a wide variety of other tasks.
  • The hostess schedules dining reservations for guests in advance and as they arrive at the restaurant. Hostesses often have to make decisions about where a group will sit in the restaurant.
  • The hostess directs and instructs the dining room personnel on customer needs to ensure customers receive fast and quality service from the moment they arrive.
  • Should a party have special needs or request accommodations, the hostess ensures the group's requirements are met. This may include services needed for small children, as well as for individuals with disabilities or food allergies.
  • Hostesses greet guests as they arrive and take them to their seats. They also provide a menu and explain specials. They may answer immediate questions the patrons have. They may introduce the customers to their server.
  • The hostess also inspects and maintains the dining facilities. They do by instructing the buss personnel and waiters. They may be required to spot cleanliness problems and to help clear tables to facility customer needs.

These are some of the main tasks a restaurant hostess does on a regular basis. There is often more than one hostess one duty during busy periods at the restaurant. Some facilities will require a hostess to hold open doors and help guests to their vehicles as needed.

To become hostess??? It's not hard to become a hostess, individuals often have to work through the restaurant's training. They may or may not work as a waitress or waiter before being able to work as a hostess. Often, the individual's personality and positive attitude will encourage management to place these individuals in the hostess position.

So that's mostly about what hosts or hostess do to play their role in the department. If there are any confusions that you may want to clear-up from your mind, do LEAVE A COMMENT below and we'll help you understand more about what you're confused of.

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