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F&B Job Specifications (Manager)

Now back to business. In the F&B department there are lots of different jobs that are available such as the manager (for sure there will be one right), waiters and waitresses, runners and so on. In this post, I will explain to you the job specifications of these people and what they usually do in the department.

The first job in the department is the MANAGER...

This guy up here, this is Manmeet Seghal. Yeah, I was thinking the same, a sibling of Steven Seagal but he's not. He's a F&B manager from the Courtyard by Mariott, Ahmedabad, India. What he does in his job daily??? Well lets start, the first thing that he does is to make sure that the restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining their high class reputation (depending on how they want to maintain it though).

Managers must coordinate activities to be done in the department so that everything works smoothly no matter how big or small the size of the outlet is because size doesn't matter in the F&B case, its the SERVICE that matters the most.

Restaurant management combines strategic planning, shift pattern organisation and day-to-day management activities. Depending on the nature of the outlet, the role may have creative aspects, particularly in marketing and business development. These are some brief explanations from what a manager does in the department.

Steven Seagal said that.... Ooppsss... I mean, Manmeet Seghal said in that the best part of this job is when he has to cater to unique and unusual requests that came from customers regarding from how the food will be presented to how the atmosphere of the outlet will be (usually requested during special occasions like meetings, annual dinners etc.)

Here are some other lists that the managers do daily:
  1. Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and sales.
  2. Setting budgets and/or agreeing them with senior management.
  3. Planning and coordinating menus (making varieties in food choice).
  4. Recruiting, training and motivating staff.
  5. Managing staff and providing them with feedback.
  6. Responding with customer complaints.

So these are some other tasks that happens in the department. If there are any questions regarding other details about this job, DO POST A COMMENT below and we will try our best to provide the most accurate answers for you to understand what this job really does.

Thanks... :)

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14 July 2013 at 02:03

So do you agree with the term customer is always rite?

14 July 2013 at 11:29

Hello dear reader... :)

'Customers are always right'? Logically, people will think that customers are not always perfectly right because some of their requests or complaints may sound ridiculous sometimes.

But in the industry, no matter how ridiculous, how evil the complaint/request is (this sometimes happens, serious talk here) we must try our best to make it real and accept what has been told as something that was right to be done.

As a conclusion to your question, YES... Customers are always right. We can't say NO to that and the best tip is to stay patient to demanding customers no matter how hard it is to bear... :)

So, is this information clear? If its a YES, that'll be cool but if its a NO, do ask more for us to make it clear... THANKS... :)


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