Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Napkins... :)

Hello hello hello dear readers! Looks like we are on to our new lesson... NAPKIN FOLDING! :)

Now lets get into some fundamentals about napkin folding... It all started in Europe in the 1400's where napkins are used on tables of royalty. The napkins used are made from warm or even perfumed cloth.

Then at the beginning of the 1800's, napkins became part of the bourgeois lifestyle where these napkins are used to protect the expensive looking dresses of the period during meals. This is the era where napkin folding starts to take its role in dining.

From the old days, napkin folding is used for lots of purposes in dining. These napkins act as an item to decorate the table and make it look neat. It also acts as a protection for customer's clothes when they eat to avoid from food falling onto their clothes.

But in the industry, it's not really necessary to use napkins as a decoration on the table. We can use another method to replace these napkins which is to use serviettes (a type of disposable napkins, similar to tissues but thicker and more economical). These serviettes can be shaped as napkins too and can be disposed right after it's been used rather than having to send it to the laundry.

So, now lets see some types of napkins that are used in the industry...

Bishop Hat

Rose Bud



Artichoke/Water Lily


Candle Fan Goblet


Well these are some of the folds that we can do to decorate the table and we can either place the napkins in the goblet, on the plate or even on the table depending on how the table is going to be designed.

We have provided some simple napkin folding tutorials demonstrated from our group members... Do enjoy... :)

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