Monday, 15 July 2013

F&B Job Specification (Steward & Stewardess)

Great! now that we've covered five jobs available in the department, now we are on to the last job... Which is... *Drum roll*


Well a steward's role is not as important as the ones that we've posted before but without them, the department might face difficulties during their operation. They usually act as a 'supporter', helping others behind the scene while chefs and waiters do their main job during the event.

The role of stewards include the following areas of responsibility which is maintaining all silver, china, glassware and banquet equipment. They also assist the crew with general cleaning and some chemical management which are hazardous sometimes. They also do the arrangements of banquet tables and buffet points and also managing and ordering of linen and small wares.

Their jobs sometimes are quite similar to supervisors because sometimes they need to ensure that the entire crew follow company procedures and breakage policies (on my experience, even the stewards don't really take this seriously).

I've managed to pick a hotel's qualification for the job and this is the list of it:

• Previous washing-up/dishwasher experience 
• High school education 
High level of professionalism 
Strong oral communication skills, Spanish and English preferred 
• Excellent attitude 
• Strong interpersonal skills (people skills) 
• Food hygiene and food regulation knowledge is preferred 
• Must be willing to be practically involved and lead by example 
• Experience on managing and controlling inventory 
• Physical fitness: This position requires bending, climbing, reaching

So we can see that their job is 50% heavy and 50% leadership since they must lead in certain things in the scene. My opinion, this job will be fun if you're a guy and you want to test your experience in the industry and if you are still new, I might say that you may try to consider taking something else.

Well what a surprise! Looks like we have covered the main jobs in the department. If there are things that are confusing to you and you need a detailed explanation, do LEAVE A COMMENT in the comment section below and we will answer your miseries A.S.A.P...

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